Launching Canada's Waste Network

We are pleased to announce the launch of Canada's Waste Network. This is a community that will be dynamic, collaborative, and member-driven. The ambition with Canada's Waste Network is threefold.

First, we want the Network to facilitate better research by collecting people and resources into a central location, allowing ideas and researchers to connect and spread.

Second,  we want the Network to help get your work noticed by other scholars as well as the public.

Third, we want to connect your research groups. Many scholars across the country have formed immensely productive groups of researchers and students into regionally- or institutionally-based groups, and we want to promote those groups. 

This is a new community and we are just getting started. We will be  building out new community features and resources over time. In the near-term you can expect to see:

  • A collaborative online discussion space 
  • Regular guest blog posts
  • A social media presence

We also have many longer-term developments in the pipeline and we welcome your ideas. Please visit the Contact page to send us your ideas!