Publication Alert! Is the Circular Economy Fact or Fiction?

CWN member David McRobert and co-author Meghan Robinson have published an article in the Sept 2016 issue of Solid Waste and Recycling titled "Is the Circular Economy Fact or Fiction?"

The “three Rs” – reduce, reuse, and recycle – have been an alleged Holy Grail of progressive waste experts, consultants, and the environmental movement for many years. They are three different concepts that work in tandem to achieve common goals: increase efficiency, reduce our need to harvest natural resources by getting greater use out of what we already have, and build a more sustainable society.
The recently tabled Bill 155, the Waste Free Ontario Act (WFOA), seeks to place a greater emphasis on the three Rs principles, to create a circular economy with zero net waste sent to landfills. A lofty goal, to be sure, and while they are not insurmountable, there will be colossal hurdles along the way.
The three Rs have long been viewed an ideal, but in practice, their implementation has been spotty. Traditionally, while reduce, reuse, and recycle are always spoken in the same breath, the vast majority of effort and attention has been paid to recycling— arguably the least valuable of the three Rs. Fundamentally, the emphasis on 3Rs has steered policymakers away from a larger public policy debate
— David McRobert and Meghan Robinson, Solid Waste and Recycling