Publication Alert! "Governing Household Waste Management: An empirical analysis and Critique – Lougheed et al

Lougheed, Hird and Rowe have just published "Governing household waste management: An empirical analysis and critique" in Environmental Values (25) 3. 

We conducted a survey of residents of Kingston, Ontario, Canada, (n = 107) to understand their attitudes to and experiences of waste management and governance. Currently, the municipality is emphasising waste diversion and exploring new waste processing systems (WPS; e.g., incineration) to reduce costs. Using Foucault’s governmentality theory, our data suggest Kingston’s reliance on an attitude-behaviour-context model of behaviour change successfully fosters an environmental citizenship identity based on waste diversion (e.g., recycling). However, we argue that the neoliberal governmentality upon which the attitude-behaviour-context model is predicated elides the need for, and inhibits consideration of, broader societal change concerning urgent environmental issues involving consumption and waste.
Environmental Values