PhD Positions: 3 positions available in "Hazardous Travels: Ghost Acres and the Global Waste Economy"

At the Rachel Carson Centre for Environment and Society at the Ludwig-Maximilians Universität, München:

The DFG Emmy Noether Research Group Hazardous Travels: Ghost Acres and the Global Waste Economy invites applications for three funded positions for doctoral candidates (salary group TV-L 13, 65%, 3 + 1 years, additional funds for research and archival trips available).


Successful applicants will be graduates in the humanities or social sciences who wish to research the ecological and economic aspects of the international trade in hazardous waste from a global historical perspective. Doctoral candidates in the project will work on case studies from Germany, India, or Ecuador and should have background knowledge and language skills relevant to the respective area.

The DFG Emmy-Noether Research Group Hazardous Travels: Ghost Acres and the Global Waste Economy investigates structures and dynamics of international hazardous waste trade since the 1970s. The team, consisting of three PhDs and one head of research, works with an asymmetrical comparison of ‘ghost acres’ case studies from North America, Germany, Ecuador, and India. It seeks to understand how this system could seemingly be built simultaneously on structures of “voluntary exchange” of toxic materiality and “garbage imperialism.” The project works with two concepts identified as fundamental to the running of the global waste economy post-1970s: (1) hazardous waste mobility and (2) emergence of “ghost acres” in the aftermath of the environmental turn. Applying a global perspective, economic thinking, and constructivist approaches informed from the cultural turn, the project postulates the existence of regional, national, and transnational toxic waste regimes at the core of the global waste economy after industrial countries’ 1970s environmental turn.

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