Jamie Baxter (University of Western Ontario)


I am the principal investigator for the Realizing Waste's Resource Potential (ReWaRP) project. The project involves a series of social scientific studies involving such methods as interviews, surveys and document/media analysis. The topics concern the use of waste as a resource, particularly the discourses that support if and how to incorporate waste to energy (WTE) into more sustainable waste management practices. It is led by faculty and students from Western University and the University of Toronto - funded by Western University and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC). The purpose is to connect with waste management decision-makers and other waste stakeholders, conduct research that is meaningful to them, and mobilize that research through our rewarp.uwo.ca website, workshops, webinars, along with more traditional academic outets.


Affiliated Research Groups

ReWaRP Realizing Waste's Resource Potential