Kelly Hodgins (University of Guelph/Feeding 9 Billion)

I work for the Guelph Food Waste Research Project, Feeding 9 Billion, and at the community-level. I instigated and am currently rolling-out an initiative with Overwaitea Food Group (Western Canada) to help connect their stores with farmers in order to redirect organic wastes from the landfill and to farm use. I am also working to help the University of Guelph re-establish its organics diversion program. I also keep busy with outreach activities/education for consumers. In my role as coordinator for Feeding 9 Billion, I seek to highlight the connections between food waste and food insecurity, and communicate this to the student population. 

For more information about me and my work, contact me via email, or visit the websites for

Guelph Food Waste Research Project 


Feeding 9 Billion