Myra J Hird


I am a Professor in the School of Environmental Studies at Queen’s University. I earned my D.Phil. at Oxford University, and have taught in New Zealand, the United States, Britain, Northern Ireland, Norway, and Canada. I have published eight books, as well as some sixty journal articles and book chapters. I have researched a diverse range of topics within the broad area of science studies.  

My major focus of research is on waste issues. Waste is a way to think about the politics and economics of consumption; intergovernmental and industry-government relations; urban-rural divides; health; labor relations; gender and waste economies; science-public relations; risk; governance; and so on. Waste, in other words, tell us a great deal about ourselves, and our relations within communities, with the environment, and global society. The research program that I direct, called Canada’s Waste Flow, aims to make an original, innovative and timely contribution to a central twenty-first century issue facing Canadians and the global community. Our research focuses on building knowledge between expert communities, the natural and applied sciences, social sciences, and humanities, and in mobilizing this research to a broad range of Canadians in order to increase our democratic dialogue about waste issues in Canada and abroad.

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