Congratulations on being invited to Canada's Waste Network!

Current Benefits

As a member of Canada's Waste Network, you will have immediate access to the following benefits:

  • A network of leading researchers in the Social Sciences and Humanities who are interested in waste
  • Up-to-date publications from other members and the broader academic community
  • A place to browse and submit openings for graduate students, post-doctoral students, and faculty
  • The possibility of contributing to the Canada Waste Network Blog
  • Promotion of your own research groups, projects, and publications
  • All of your graduate students are automatically eligible for addition to the Canada's Waste Network (please contact us about adding your students). 
  • A listing of current academic/research opportunities to which you can contribute.

Future Developments

The Canada's Waste Network is constantly evolving and being developed by its members. Current anticipated developments that will benefit existing and new members include:

  • A dynamic and interactive online discussion community (e.g., a forum)
  • In-person workshops and conferences